Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color

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    Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color


    Our temporary hair color wax gives your hair texture and shine and is suitable for all hair types: let it be curly, smooth or wavy. If you have curly hair, the wax will also pop your curls. You can use it at any time, be it an evening with your friends, a cosplay, a show, a casual meeting or a date 😉


      Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color

    It is a   good solution  for people who like to   try new colors. This wax is easy to apply, easy to wash, has a strong hold and does not harm the hair as it consists   of plant extracts.

      Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color

    Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color

    Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color

    • Perfect for everyday use, cosplays, festivals, parties, bachelor parties, events, clubbing, raves, Halloween, costumes.


    Frequently asked Questions:

    Q: Does that dry out?
    A: Yes - after you apply the color wax to your hair, it dries out pretty quickly.

    Q: Does that rub on clothes or pillows?
    A: No - after the color wax has dried out, it no longer rubs on clothing or pillows. Even if it does, it can be washed out easily because the wax water is soluble.

    Q: What happens in the rain?
    A: Although we don't recommend staying outside with or without hair wax in heavy rain (you know you could catch a cold), the color wax doesn't come off in a mild drizzle. But if you are in the rain long enough, it is like taking a shower and it will come off.

    Q: Does this damage my hair?
    A: Based on feedback from hundreds of customers who use the color wax several days a week combined with the fact that it is made from plant extracts - this does not harm your hair.

    Q: Is it safe for children?
    A: Definitely! In fact, many of our customers bought the color wax specifically for their children. Comes immediately with shampoo - and gives your children a fresh new look


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      Styling Spiking Temporary Hair Gel Color