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"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow
"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow

"De'La" Glow Neon Eyeshadow

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OMG! Surprise, Satisfaction, and Giddy Excitement 

Do you remember that time you opened your best gift in the world? De'La  is really pretty and delivers that OMG moment all over again. Feel that rush of excitement of how stunning it looks and not being able to wait to wear it out for the first time.

Spirals of pigments

  • De'La packs 24 vibrant colours, including 5 flaky pentagram glitters for endless imaginative styles! Colours are beautiful and bright in standard lighting but only glow when there is UV / Blacklight. The rainbow is at your disposal to mix and match your favourite colours.

Smooth and Versatile to Use

Your most versatile palette in ages and easily the best bargain. 

  • If you love festivals, then your going to just love De'La  Palette, but it's also for kids birthday parties, disco dance floor, Midnight rave run, night events, stage performance, fancy dress costume themed parties, plays, cosplay, Halloween , vampire, animal, witch or Christmas, Christmas/Halloween makeup. For Professionals or beginners, Adults or children.

Shatter all that you think about your skill and Ascend to a Ph.D. in pigmentation. 

  • Shine brighter than the stars at night and show off your artistic skills in the flashiest of ways! You do not need to be a pro at applying makeup, with De'La you can easily apply and perfect the solid glitter eyeshadow look. The night is worth remembering when you look like a neon goddess! With De'La pallets, your eyeshadow will be more pigmented, and no look is hard to achieve. Highlight your style with neon sparkles to become the party’s queen!

Glitter and Glow with glamour

  • De'La vividly glows in the dark to highlight every detail! Witness its splendid allure as it shimmers on even the darkest of skin tones. De'La is bold and gives amazing coverage, and shows off your colorful personality in the best way possible!

"If you love makeup or glitter the De'La palette is really a no-brainer!" 


Great Highlights 

  • De'La palette comes with a big mirror that will offer you unparalleled versatility and convenience. Doll up yourself in glam and apply over eyeshadow primer to keep glitter in place and waterproof. No more glitter and shimmer flying!
  • Easy to apply for both starters and pros.Easy to highlight the level of stereoscopic eyes, make your eyes pop, cut-crease, and smokey eyes. 
  • Safe ingredients and great quality, Hypoallergic, skin-friendly, Cruelty free. Colors easy to apply & wash off. As with all cosmetics, a small skin patch test is recommended before using.     

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