Eyelash glue is a thing of the past. Magnetic false eyelashes are the future. 

As if you didn’t know how frustrating eyelash glue is already, here’s some validation.

Here are 10 Reasons why eyelash glue and maybe you is cancelled in 2020.

1. Potentially glueing your eyes shut.

Just picture yourself talking to your crush, batting your eyelashes like the flirt you are. Then, because you put too much eyelash glue on, your top lid sticks to your bottom and you awkwardly wink at them.

2. You could be focusing on blending.

The time spent trying to attach the eyelashes with glue could be spent blending that eyeshadow! Priorities!!

3. Revealing you’re an amateur.

Nothing says ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ like having your eyelash attached and half of it fluttering in the wind.

4. You can’t look glamorous anywhere.

Eyelash glue isn’t dependable. You can’t go swimming with them and it’s difficult to transition your look from day to night.


 Unlike eyelashes attached with glue, Bodi Modi’s magnetic falsies allow you to rock a fabulous look no matter where with their unique attachment method! Take a girl swimming on the first date? Check. From the office to the club? Done.


5. Repurchasing is a hassle.

 You can only get a couple of uses from lashes with glue before they become gross and you have to leave your house and get more.


6. The application. Need we say more?

 No, there’s nothing wrong with you. Pretty sure everyone’s hand spontaneously spazzes when applying eyelashes.


7. The adhesive is irritating in more ways than one.

Adhesive can irritate your skin. Then you can’t wear makeup. Then you go live under a rock forever.


8. Crusty crusts are not cute.

Crusty glue is not cute. Moving on.


9. They get lost, because who needs more than one set of eyelashes?

 Eyelash glue is supposed to bring things together, not allow them to go on their own adventure and disappear.


10.  You can tell they’re fake.

 There’s nothing worse than that awkward gap between the band of your falsies and your actual eyelashes.