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Soxi Cable Knit Knee High Socks

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BodiModi announces the perfect combination of stylish and cozy the Soxi Cable Knit Knee High Socks.

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The best socks for a warm winter! Now you won't need put on layer's of clothing and sacrifice looking cute  for feeling warm. These babies are best when worn cuddled up with a cup of hot chocolate or feet up with a glass of wine!


We know you love wearing thick socks in the winter. But why stop feeling warm at the calf when you can get all the way up to the knee with Soxi Cable Knit Knee High Socks, the best knee-high winter’s wear! 

We’ve taken notes on how the French women dress and that’s how we created and designed the Soxi’s Cable Knit Knee High Socks look. They are not only elegant but are hand knitted with thick wool for maximum warmth!


Put them on and you won’t even have to put on pants in the winterSoxi's are a wonderful must have winter gift every woman should keep in her drawer. The time is perfect to put on your own pair!

Why Soxi's Knitted Knee Socks Are For You!

Can be worn with many accessories

Inspired by the retro look of the streets of Paris, Soxi are a simple but elegant look you can style in the cold seasons. Show everyone that your sense of style isn't limited by the season but a year round sense of great taste. Because a beautiful Knitted jumper, scarf or winter boots needs to be equally complimented.

Great Variety

Soxi are the ultimate choice- Soft, thick and stretching up to the knees, in Soxi you’ll feel cute warm elegant when cozied up at home!

Where Style meets Comfort 

They are ssoooo warm and cozy. There is nothing better than hand-knitted high socks, knitted with love that only your Grandma's knitting can rival!

"You can now go about your home feeling elegant and cozy! Soxi Knitted Knee Socks are flexible and wider than normal to give you maximum home comfort!"


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BodiModi Tip to Keep Feet Warm.

"Most of us believe that wearing layering or thick socks is the best solution for dealing with cold feet. Would you believe that they actually create pressure on your feet and cut off blood circulation to your toes. So to keep your feet warm and dry, you need socks that are breathable, moisture-wicking and thin or medium-thick like the Soxi . Our advise stay away from cotton socks in the winter, it makes your feet colder."